About The Dude

Eric is a lifelong enthusiast for all things data related that recently realized the need for improved techniques to present the solutions that data analysis offers.

His interest in data is not simply academic; he has used data driven solutions in multiple roles.  He utilized data analytics to deliver huge results to clients at one of the top 3 global firms, The Boston Consulting Group.  His analysis built solutions that drove millions in annual impact as an analyst for consumer banking at Bank of America.  He even used data as a naval aviator when he designed a discrete event simulation model for a helicopter landing pad re-design.

The best ideas are worth nothing if they are not implemented.  While there are countless resources available online to learn analytical techniques, some of which are quite good, there does not appear to be much on how to present your data.  Eric will help fill that void with his upcoming Udemy course, blog, and youtube entries.

I care deeply about veterans issues, especially finding gainful employment post military. I have posted several articles to my LinkedIn profile to help fellow veterans navigate their transition from the military to the private sector.


If you want to see more about my background, you can see my LinkedIn profile here:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/ewhulbert


I was interviewed about my transition from the military here:

Beyond the Uniform – Eric Hulbert