About the Dude

I am a Director at a major international strategy consulting firm with experience working in data science and consulting across multiple industries including consumer goods, retail, travel & tourism, manufacturing, banking, and defense. I am passionate about analytics and presenting the results in ways that are easy for others to understand and drive them to take action.

Solving difficult problems with data, and teaching others to do the same, is something I am passionate about.  I have been offering my thoughts and advice on how to do that on my site, The Analytics Dude, and have conducted internal and client training sessions.

The greatest data science recommended solution in the world is useless unless it spurs someone to take action.  I learned the value of management consulting style presentations when I worked in banking.  Some of my ideas that were previously rejected by senior management were accepted after McKinsey presented them.  After that I sought out a move into management consulting (BCG) so that I could learn how to persuade others and drive them to action the way they did.
After leaving my first stint in consulting I worked in business development at one of the largest sales and marketing organizations in North America and saw the value of quality presentation materials on a daily basis.

I am also a former pilot in the US Navy and am passionate about helping military veterans find roles after leaving the military.

What My Students Say