SAS: the best language to learn for a job in analytics (2018)?

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If you want to get a job in analytics, but don’t know where to start, one of the first decisions to make is what languages or programs to learn.  There are dozens, if not hundreds of options, but how do you pick the one that is right for you?  Is SAS the best program for you to learn if you want to find a job in data science?

There are several things to consider; how prevalent is this program in the jobs or industries you are targeting?  How versatile is the program?  How easy is it to learn and to practice using without having a job already?  In this video I discuss all of those considerations and help you determine if you should learn SAS to help you find a job.

Please check out this video to find out:

  • Is SAS right for you
  • The advantages and disadvantages of SAS
  • How to access SAS
  • Free learning resources for SAS

SAS University Edition download link (free)

SAS e-learning (free)

SAS veterans transition offer (free)