Management Consulting Presentations

Presentation and communication skills are more important than ever in today’s business world.  Scores of studies show that communications skills are at the top of the most desired skills for new hires.  PowerPoint is the default method of communication in business, and yet, almost no one excels at communicating in PowerPoint.  No one, except for management consultants that is.

Consultants at the top three firms McKinsey, BCG, and Bain are experts at making complicated ideas understandable and driving business leaders towards making changes and implementing solutions.  They have developed a system for how to do this, a system I can teach you.  Believe it or not, their system relies on impactful presentations in PowerPoint.

I will teach you the same techniques that I learned as a consultant at BCG.  These techniques helped me convince clients to implement ideas delivering hundreds of millions of dollars of annual impact.  I moved into business development post consulting, and the same techniques apply to selling clients and convincing them that your proposal is their best option.
In this course we will cover the entire presentation development cycle and learn how to:

– Determine your key message
– Lay out your argument with the pyramid principle
– Develop supporting arguments that are MECE
– Arrange your presentation into a compelling storyline
– Create attractive slides that are effective
– Utilize titles to avoid confusion
– Make good charts that support your key message
– Tailor your presentation to your audience
– Portray executive presence when speaking
– Present over the phone
– Sound smart
– Save time with tips and tricks in PowerPoint.

We will review the concepts and principles we discuss by looking at some actual McKinsey, BCG, and Bain slides to see how they used them.

The work that consulting firms do is difficult, but the system they use to present their results is not.  I can teach you how, and the difference it will make in your career can be trans-formative.  I know it will be, it was for me.  I look forward to seeing you in the course!


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