Import large numbers (like credit cards) into Excel without scientific notation: Analytics in Excel series

Seeing 4.604E16 instead of the credit card number you types is a pain

Many people know that when typing in long numbers if they want to avoid scientific notation the key is to format the cell as text before they type.  There are some other tricks like using a ‘ beforehand, but formatting as text is the better and safer option.  We’ll go over how to do that briefly in this video if you do not know.


How do I import a file with credit card numbers without converting them?

This is something that I found immensely frustrating before I learned how to do it correctly.  No matter what I did, once it saw it as a number I was screwed and couldn’t change it back.

After way more research than I think should be necessary, I landed on two options for how to do this: using PowerQuery, and using the text import wizard.  I’ll go over both here in this video.  I hope you enjoy it and let me know if there are other things you’d like to see from The Analytics Dude.