We’re Back!!!!

Welcome back to the Analytics Dude!

Sorry for the delay in content, but never fear we are back and up and running.  Unfortunately all of the old posts were lost in the site update, but that gives us the chance to update our old material and highlight some new things.

Stand by for new content like:

  • My first data science class on how to do data science without coding in KNIME.  It is live on Udemy now and only ~$10 most days, check it out here!
  • My management consulting presentations course will be getting a bit of a refresh.  It has done really well in the 3 years it has been live, and if you’ve never taken it give it a look here.
  • I have updated my YouTube studio a bit as well as my editing software, so new videos will look better than ever.  I’ve re-started the channel and have new videos out or coming soon.  Check out my channel here.

Let me know what you are looking for and what content you would like to see.

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